“La Petite Montagne”

Strikes Back.

Sacy is situated at heart of the region that’s called «La Petite Montagne de Reims» (the small mountain),as opposed to the « Grande Montage » (big mountain) situated more to the south. A disparaging label which is certainly not true of this terroir. The proof: André Chemin’s blends which have nothing to be ashamed of when compared to those of their southern competitors.

The Pinot Noir is an avenger with its powerful and phenomenal structure. A demonstration of strength which, however does not lack elegance and finesse. Their Chardonnay is also not to be ignored, it is expressive and award winning, highlighting the greatness of its terroir.

The chardonnay

Finesse and Elegance

The Pinot Noir

The Flagship Grape Variety

The Pinot Meunier

Is the New Black

Right on time

Champagne production, in Sébastian’s opinion is all a question of timing. His blends only leave the cellar when he feels they are ready, for some that is when they’re young and fresh and for others it is when they’re at the peak of maturation. It’s also a question of patience and having the knack of managing time, allowing the wine to develop the perfect balance.

Once they leave the cellar, these wines are energetic, carried by the luminous grape varieties, this is emphasized whether they are alone or in a blend. If the Pinot Noir is the flagship, the Chardonnay is the perfect contrast and the Meunier is definitely the outsider.

Meunier is the new black

Sébastian loves to set himself challenges. His latest idea is an exciting test, he is confident that there can be more than Pinot Noir coming from the «Petite Montagne of Reims». He has faith in his terroir, believing it has so much more to offer. What if Meunier could proudly stand up against its nemesis Pinot Noir?

Without thinking twice, the plot is soon chosen: Les Grands Prés, nicknamed “the Panama” by his predecessors. A little pond under the sun in the middle of a plot of wines, not unlike being in the tropics. The pond has since disappeared, but the nickname remains, giving these vines a sentimental attachment.

2021 was the right year to develop this new blend, which is patiently awaiting its launch. Sébastian’s latest addition is full of promise and will only leave the cellar, to be enjoyed, when the time is right.