The Chemin Family masters stability and change. Keeping what works whilst constantly questioning their processes. A counter-intuitive and yet natural paradox for this fast-moving house. Staying ahead is at the forefront of Champagne André Chemin.

André & Micheline
Jean-Luc & Nadine
Sébastian & Eva
André & Micheline

Back in time

Let’s return to Sacy in 1948, to observe a couple of newlywed winemakers. Their names are André and Micheline Chemin pioneers of their time, since they were one of the few winegrowers embarking on champagne production.

To produce Champagne André made the decision to join the Cooperative in the neighboring village, Écueil. Set up in the same year the cooperative enables a sharing of tools and know-how for the pressing and first vinification.

André had confidence in the cooperative from the start, which enabled him to work with his grapes as he saw fit. Once the « vins clairs » (still wines that make the basis of the future champagne) were returned to his winery in Sacy he was able to make his first blends. His decision to join the cooperative has never been regretted by his successors.

Today, André is still present, fit as a fiddle. He is the one who laid the foundations for the business and its style of wines. Even although he is no longer involved in the running of the business, he remains the patriarchal figure, who enjoys watching the evolution of his legacy.


In the 70s it was Jean-Luc, the eldest son of Micheline and André, who took over the management of the business. He remained faithful to his father’s ways whilst adding his own personal touch.

A pioneer like André, two of his accomplishments show his inner sense of resourcefulness and his constant search for new work methods: In 1988 he put in place the sodding of the wine plots and extended the winery. For the first task he adapted the garden lawn-mower by adding big wheels. For the second, Jean-Luc, with Andre’s help, makes his own breeze blocks!  He is inventive and capable of everything.

Jean-Luc & Nadine
Eva & Sébastian

THE TIGER & the ant

Sebastian & Eva are in charge.

Two inseparable hot heads, with many things in common. Rigorous and accomplished, the hard-working compulsive couple, are easy to befriend.

This resourceful duo is unstoppable.
They are imaginative, no distance is too far, no hurdle too high. Their curiosity has no borders and as a result leads them to travel the world resulting in a resolutely international Champagne House.